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"dGuide to the Third Edition of the OED". The fact that RAS syndrome is often involved, as well as that the letters often don't entirely match, have sometimes been pointed out by annoyed researchers preoccupied by the idea that because the archetypal form of acronyms originated with one-to-one letter matching, there must. It gives students a way to review the meanings of the acronyms introduced in a chapter after they have done the line-by-line reading, and also a way to quiz themselves on the meanings (by covering up the expansion column and recalling the expansions from memory. Usage Problem An initialism. In addition to the use of a specific number replacing that many letters, the more general "x" can be used to replace an unspecified number of letters. Jalan Tol (Toll Road) Jagorawi (Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi) and Purbaleunyi (Purwakarta-Bandung-Cileunyi Joglo Semar (Jogja-solo-semarang).

George Mason University was planning to name their law school the "Antonin Scalia School of Law" ( assol ) in honor of the late Antonin Scalia, only to change it to the "Antonin Scalia Law School" later. 46 Orthographic styling edit Punctuation edit Showing the ellipsis of letters edit In English, abbreviations have traditionally been written with a full stop/period/point in place of the deleted part to show the ellipsis of lettersalthough the colon and apostrophe have also had this roleand with. American Movie Classics has simply rebranded itself as AMC. "What is the longest team name in the world?". 57 58 (or similar 59 as used by former Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley. Use all capitals if an abbreviation is pronounced as the individual letters (an initialism BBC, CEO, US, VAT, etc; if it is an acronym (pronounced as a word) spell out with initial capital, eg Nasa, Nato, Unicef, unless it can be considered to have entered. Precies 95 jaar terug smolten noad (Nooit Opgeven Altijd Doorzetten) en Advendo (Aangenaam Door Vermaak en Nuttig Door Ontspanning) samen in de noad-advendo Combinatie, kortom NAC. J Am Acad Dermatol. ; published in the US as Quinion, Michael (2006). Archived from the original on September 14, 2010.

The Hebrew Bible Old Testament is known as " Tanakh an acronym composed from the Hebrew initial letters of its three major sections: " Torah " (five books of Moses " Nevi'im " (prophets and " K'tuvim " (writings). 2, page 142 American Speech (1950) Vol. "TV for example, may stand for a single word television" or "transvestite for instance and is in general spelled without punctuation (except in the plural). "They can call it the.G.N. Initialisms are purely a written convenience, being pronounced the same way as their expansions. The word "macronym" is a portmanteau of " macro- " and "acronym". Thus EC (European Community FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation and VCR (videocassette recorder).

Abbreviations that come from single, rather than multiple, wordssuch as "TV" television are usually pluralized without apostrophes two TVs most writers feel that the apostrophe should be reserved for the possessive the TV's antenna. "KFC shuns 'fried' image with new name  Kentucky Fried Chicken has changed its name to KFC". 83 Fully expanded, "rars" might thus become "Regional Advanced Television Infrared Observational Satellite Operational Vertical Sounder Retransmission Service". Dae to refer to universities daehak, literally "great learning" although "big school" is an acceptable alternate). Such etymologies persist in popular culture but have no factual basis in historical linguistics, and are examples of language-related urban legends. Longer examples include chxhcnvn ( Cng hòa X hi ch ngha Vit Nam, Socialist Republic of Vietnam ) and mtdtgpmnvn ( Mt trn Dân tc Gii phóng min Nam Vit Nam, Viet Cong ). 79 At least one study has evaluated the citation impact and other traits of acronym-named trials compared with others, 80 finding both good aspects (mnemonic help, name recall) and potential flaws ( connotatively driven bias ).

Retrieved May 19, 2009. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1989. The Oxford English Dictionary ( OED ) records the first printed use of the word initialism as occurring in 1899, but it did not come into general use until 1965, well after acronym had become common. General grammatical considerations edit Declension edit In languages where nouns are declined, various methods are used. Baum (1962) American Speech Vol. Some acronyms are considered formal (or officially adopted while many more are considered informal, slang or colloquial. TNN (The Nashville/National Network) also renamed itself "The New TNN" for a brief interlude. However, to say that "rars" stands directly for that string of words, or can be interchanged with it in syntax (in the same way that "CHF" can be usefully interchanged with "congestive heart failure is a prescriptive misapprehension rather than a linguistically accurate description; the. Simple redefining edit Sometimes, the initials continue to stand for an expanded meaning, but the original meaning is simply replaced.


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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, Cambridge University Press. 35 In English, acronyms pronounced as words may be a 20th-century phenomenon. "When choosing a new name, be sure it is 'yaba-compatible'." 40 Acronym use has been further popularized by text messaging on mobile phones with short message service (SMS and instant messenger (IM). Some examples of acronyms in this class are:.M. Nilsen (1995) The English Journal Vol. Retrieved April 25, 2013. Larry Trask, American author of The Penguin Guide to Punctuation, states categorically that, in British English, "this tiresome and unnecessary practice is now obsolete." 48 Pronunciation-dependent style and periods edit Nevertheless, some influential style guides, many of them American, still require periods in certain instances. Such house styles also usually disfavor bold or italic font for the initial letters.

The Daily Telegraph, November 13, Novels: The Best in English Since 1939 (New York: Summit Books, 1984). HCM ( Thành ph H Chí Minh, Ho Chi Minh City thpt ( trung hc ph thông, high school CLB ( câu lc b, club csdl ( c s d liu, database NXB ( nhà xut bn, publisher Ôbace ( ông bà anh. Nasa is an acronym for 'National Aeronautics and Space Administration.' The abbreviations 'FBI' and 'DVD' are not acronyms, but 'aids 'fica and 'PIN' are." "acronym" "NetLingo, the Internet Dictionary", accessed August 13, 2015: "Derived from the first letters of a phrase, acronyms are meant. Numerals and constituent words edit While abbreviations typically exclude the initials of short function words (such as "and "or "of or "to this is not always the case. The rapid advance of science and technology in recent centuries seems to be an underlying force driving the usage, as new inventions and concepts with multiword names create a demand for shorter, more manageable names.

Such terms are also called initialisms. Subsidiary is known as " TD Bank citation needed just as Royal Bank of Canada used its full name in Canada (a constitutional monarchy but its now-defunct.S. The Hebrew language has a long history of formation of acronyms pronounced as words, stretching back many centuries. Chinese-based words ( Sino-Japanese vocabulary ) uses similar acronym formation to Chinese, like Tdai for Tky Daigaku Tokyo University ). Citation needed Pseudo-acronyms may have advantages in international markets: according to whom? Iverson, Cheryl,. The medical literature has been struggling to control the proliferation of acronyms as their use has evolved from aiding communication to hindering. Many rabbinical figures from the Middle Ages onward are referred to in rabbinical literature by their pronounced acronyms, such as Rambam and Rashi from the initial letters of their full Hebrew names: "Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon" and "Rabbi Shlomo Yitzkhaki".

During the mid- to late 19th century, an acronym-disseminating trend spread through the American and European business communities: abbreviating corporation names such as on the sides of railroad cars (e.g., "Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad" "RF P on the sides of barrels and crates; and. Often a writer will add an 's' following an apostrophe, as in "PC's". "Very deep multiply nested acronyms". Some examples: DVD was originally an acronym of the unofficial term "digital video disc but is now stated by the DVD Forum as standing for "Digital Versatile Disc" GAO changed the full form of its name from "General Accounting Office" to "Government Accountability Office" GPO. Common terms were abbreviated too, such as writing just "F" for filius, meaning "son a very common part of memorial inscriptions mentioning people. 55 56 A particularly rich source of options arises when the plural of an acronym would normally be indicated in a word other than the final word if spelled out in full. Just the other day there was a technical expression I couldn't remember. 54 Possessive plurals that also include apostrophes for mere pluralization and periods appear especially complex: for example, "the.D.'s' labels" (the labels of the compact discs).

Vietnamese edit In Vietnamese, which has an abundance of compound words, initialisms are very commonly used for both proper and common nouns. The "18 represents the 18 letters that come between the first and the last in "internationalization". Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press. American Telephone and Telegraph Company AT T). Other examples include " ATM machine " EAB bank " CableACE Award " DC Comics " HIV virus Microsoft's NT Technology, and the formerly redundant " SAT test now simply "SAT Reasoning Test. Archived from the original on June 22, 2008. Acronyms are a type of word formation process, and they are viewed as a subtype of blending.

Such punctuation is diminishing with the belief that the presence of all-capital letters is sufficient to indicate that the word is an abbreviation. It is pronounced as if it were a word. Others point out that language change has happened for thousands of years, and argue that it should be embraced as inevitable, or as innovation that adapts the language to changing circumstances. Chapter 47, Beasts of Prey,. . Pee-gee-enn; what's the word for words like that, made out of initials? "It is not.C.B.'s fault that its name, let alone its acronym, is not a household word among European scholars" Times Literary Supp. An example that takes only the initial letters from its component words is ( Tzahal, for, Israel Defense Forces ).

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